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Working to consolidate the field of social production for improved unity, synergy, and impact



People have shown a tremendous willingness to invest their free time and energy contributing to projects that don’t benefit them financially. This “cognitive surplus”–the free time that people have on their hands to engage in collaborative activities–has the potential to realize vast stores of social value that the traditional marketplace tends to neglect.

Modern technologies like the internet, along with more recent innovations like distributed version control, have opened a pathway to more fully realize this value, but dependence on a still ad hoc, fragmented infrastructure means we’re not being as efficient or effective with this resource as we could be.

This project is about removing the barriers that keep social production flowing at a trickle instead of a stream and providing a more robust, integrated core infrastructure to service this growing community of amateur creators and contributors.


This community explores the application of the Open Value Network (OVN) model to causes and other charitable purposes.


GoodLabs a hub for commons-based peer production providing creators and contributors with a community, personalized online workspaces, and data-driven insights to help them better understand and improve upon their operations.

Leveraging human-centered design principles, the GoodLabs platform aims to popularize the collaborative enterprise approach among a variety of loosely related non-technical users, including NGOs, activists, social enterprises, and more.


Messaging on Slack

Weekly meetings Fridays 9 am EST - see Meeting Minutes


Weekly meetings Fridays 9 am EST - see Meeting Minutes


Last updated Jan/22/21.

Propose topics to discuss during our weekly work meeting [Planning below]

  • Further develop onboarding process: Join form, Communication channel

  • Outreach to new contributors: Michel Bauwens, Sebastian, Dmitry

  • Review of draft table structure for all entities (See Appendix 4)

  • Add Crow’s Foot Diagram for Relational Database model

  • Build ER Diagram in Access

  • Find collaborative graph database tool


Last updated 11/16/20.


Last updated 11/16/20.

We're currently looking for people with the following skills:

  • Coding and web development - to help us better understand and define the design specs for the tentative GoodLabs platform.

  • Database management - to help design and build a database of social production projects for integration and interoperability with future GoodLabs platform.

  • Data visualization - to conceive of new ways to represent the ever-expanding and evolving field of social production projects and organizations.


All project-related planning and tasks are managed through GitHub's Kanban board feature or in the project's main working document, accessible via the links below.


Join the discussion here to help decide on early-phase tasks and actions to move this initiative forward.


Any proposed project or initiative that advances to a Draft stage of development will be added here and opened for contributions. (Click here to access our Project Development Protocol.)

To view past projects, browse the Project Archive below.


Inventory of our past projects.


Projects within this Community are open to contributions from any Sensorica Affiliate. To better support collaboration across the Community, however, we ask that all Community Members enter some basic personal information in our Human Resources spreadsheet.


If you are a Sensorica Affiliate you should have access to create resources


VENTURES under this COMMUNITY follow the OPEN VALUE NETWORK model's governance.

VENTURES are COLLABORATIVE, TRANSPARENT (anyone has access to the information that they produce) and OPEN (anyone can participate). They only produce things based on OPEN SOURCE technology. Ventures have a CUSTODIAN that represents them legally and acts as a trust for their tangible assets. Ventures can have multiple EXCHANGE FIRMS, which are commercial entities that move products and services developed by Ventures on the MARKET.

EXCHANGE FIRMS oblige themselves by contract with the CUSTODIAN to share PROFIT with all contributors to Ventures, from which they commercialize PRODUCTS.


  • CUSTODIAN Agreement [provide link]

  • EXCHANGE FIRM Agreement [provide link]

  • Project Governance Template [provide link]

See the Governance page for network-level and project-level governance and governance templates documents.