Reimagining Wealth

Education and Consultancy - initiative of GoodLabs and Sensorica

It’s an old investment cliché that when your taxi driver starts giving you share tips, it’s time to sell. But that's not all that you can learn from your taxi driver. It may also signal that a new economy is rising, that after a bubble we have consolidation, leading to the creation of new forms of wealth. Tulip mania led to the consolidation of stock markets and the development of capitalism. The .com mania led to the consolidation of the digital economy. The crypto mania will lead to the development of the p2p economy, a whole new world. During the emergence of a new economy the value of some traditional assets collapses and of new assets soars.

Is your wealth with people like Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg or Vitalik Buterin? Are you vested in post industrial production, centralized digital production or commons-based peer production?

This is not about FOMO, it's about you embracing the future.

We are a group of p2p enthusiasts, most of us with over a decade-long experience in the field, trying to understand the p2p future that is in the making today. We use our knowledge to position ourselves in key and promising areas of development.

Current development

  • Designing a tool for evaluating and comparing p2p initiatives to guide our decisions about where to contribute or to transnvest. To gain access to these tools for analysis, evaluation and prediction you need to contribute meaningfully to this initiative.

  • Building formal bridges between networks to facilitate flows - interoperability.

  • Exploring p2p culture and put in pace mechanisms that encourage and accelerates its development.

How to join and benefit?

On Sensorica, you need to submit analysis reports of at least 4 different p2p initiatives of your choice, using THIS FORM. Based on your contributions, someone from the project will grant you access to all the information and processes.

Broadly, you can join the Reimagining Wealth community here.

Weekly discussions

See event, join us on Zoom | Watch video recordings

Network mapping

We are capturing data using Aitable and visualizing it with Kumu

Community page



Networking - be part of a vanguard group of p2p enthusiasts

Financial benefits - use our evaluation tools to invest wisely in DLT (blockchain and others) ventures

Entrepreneurial opportunities - use our tools to uncover new trends


more on Governance page

To gain access to the analysis, valuation and prediction tools that we are developing you need to contribute to this initiative in a meaningful way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ proof of work. More details will follow...