Revenue and Funding

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Acquire funding

! NOTE that funding activities are regulated with in the Sensorica OVN. You must use the appropriate methodology if you take action, see sections below. 


Incentives: participate in funding initiatives and share a % of the funds as soon as they are collected. Join the funding team HERE.

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Current grant writing initiatives

Collaboration handled by Sensorica

Collaboration handled by partners

Sensorica only grants

Successful past grant applications

Grands lead by Sensorica

Grants in collaboration with academic partners

Some of unsuccessful past grants applications 


Incentives: participate in crowdfunding initiatives and share a % of the funds as soon as they are collected. Join the crowdfunding team HERE.

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Current crowdfunding initiatives

Dormant crowdfunding initiatives


Past successful crowdfunding campaigns

GoGetFunding continuous campaign for the Sensorica lab

Other funding methods


! Ways to generate revenue

NOTE: Since 2022 Sensorica is running a pilot project by which the Custodian 5% fee has been replaced with a Sustainability 15% fee, split between Sensorica's custodian, TaoDao and hREA. This is also mentioned in Ecosystem.

This section shows how financial resources flow into the OVN from sources other than its affiliates. If you want to see how various resources flow into processes from affiliates go to Dashboard.

Grants and Loans

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Other Revenues

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Balance sheet from 2014 till now