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Material Peer Production

Where are the possibilities for human agency to happen, and how can we align multiple kinds of agency, with a focus on IoPA and allied distributed networks.

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Workshop 4 - Legal - Scheduled for week of 16 October

This is seen in organizations that predominantly use the legal system, legal means and tools, to align human agencies, in order to make peer production more dependable. Perhaps they use and/or develop:

Calendly pool for invitations to come... 

The following organizations have been invited: AfricaOSH, Boundaryless, Dark Matter Labs, Fab City Global, Field Ready, GOSH, Kijenzi, LexDAO, Makers Making Change, Open Insulin, Open Source Medical Supplies, OpenChain, ThreeFold

Standards to increase dependability in material peer production

In collaboration with Internet of Production alliance (IoPA).

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We are inviting people and organizations to workshops, to collaboratively explore possible solutions to problems related to human agency in material peer production. Join here.

We spent some time understanding what people do to make peer production more reliable, more dependable. We wrote a first report about it. In short, our hypothesis is that people operate on various levels, we explored 6: 

Example: Imagine a network of makerspaces distributed over a geographical region. An NGO wants to help farmers in that region, they need water for irrigation. The NGO finds an open source water pump design, which has been developed, prototyped and tested by a community of hardware hackers. The NGO decides to use this network of makerspaces to produce this water pump locally, for local farmers. They can distribute funding to these local fabrication spaces and to local farmers so that they can get their hands on these pumps and get trained on how to use and maintain them. One important aspect is dependability. How does the NGO know that their money is going to be well spent, i.e. deliver quality pumps with proper training to those in need, in time?
Possible approach: One can think of using the legal system to use reliable, robust contracting (legal) between all parties. In other words, the NGO and the local makerspaces agree on production, distribution and training of local users, and commit to that agreement using a legal contract, taken from a set of standardized contracts. This approach can help build trust and can condition the payment to the delivery of pumps and of training. But it is not very practical if the NGO is dealing with a thousand makerspaces, scattered across a vast geographical area. Groups like Open Chain and GitLaw work on contracting standards, traceability and quality assurance.

Incentives for direct contributors

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Table of contents

Workshop reports

We are planning a series of workshops with organizations listed in the tables below. Video and text reports will be published in this section. 

If you want to participate in our workshops please sign up here

Workshop 1 - Tech | Done

This is expressed in organizations that predominantly use technology (tools) to streamline and scale peer production, or to make it more efficient, reliable, dependable. Perhaps they use and/or develop:

The following organizations have participated: 4th Sector, Sensorica, Neighborhoods, AfricaOSH, Helpful Engineering, IoPA

Analysis and synthesis report

Video Part 2 is being edited.A short summary video will also be provided. 

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Workshop 2 - Economic | Done

Organizations that predominantly use economic modelling to increase efficiency and reduce costs, generate powerful win-win outcomes in long-term and repetitive transactions. Perhaps they design and/or implement repetitive games, design models that generate interdependence, etc.

The following organizations have participated: 4th Sector, Sensorica, Valueflows, hREA, SEEDS Collaboratory DAO, 

Analysis and synthesis report

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Workshop 3 - Social | Done

Social measures are seen in organizations that use values, ethos, shared purpose, social norms, spirituality, rituals, recognition and reputation, as well as a mix of powerful emotions (fear, happiness, shame, …) to align agencies and generate collaborative relations. They emphasize on building networks as communities.

Analysis and synthesis report

Video is being edited. 

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Future workshops

Workshop 5 - Ecosystem - Scheduled for week of 23 October

This is seen in organizations that use ecodesigh to generate relations of synergy, symbiosis with other organizations. They forge relations of interdependence with others. They can use strategies of camouflage or attract attention, can take the role of pollinators, etc. They are conscious and transparent about their role or function within a niche, as part of a larger and diverse group of agents.  

Calendly pool for invitations to come...

The following organizations have been invited: Arxterra, Telerobotic Parks, Hacken, Breathing Games, Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative, ChainJet, DIY Drones, Enspiral, Farm Hack, GOSH , Gumstix,, Humaniq, InMoov, Mojaloop Foundation, OHO, OLIMEX, Open Source Medical Supplies, OpenTEAM Agricultural Management, Overview , Sensorica, Sequence , Sew For Hope Kids, Stroud Community Agriculture, Tenderly, The Fab Foundation Torus Labs, Active inference

Workshop 6 - Standard - Scheduled for week of 6 November

This is seen in organizations that predominantly rely on or develop standards to make peer production more dependable. They may use and/or develop:

Calendly pool for invitations to come...

The following organizations have been invited: BioCurious BioPrinter, Breathing Games, Build List , Careables, Citizen Sense, Copass, Counter Culture Labs, Digital Credentials, e-NABLE, Grid Singularity, hREA, InMoov, InsurAce, Inventables, mAkE, Open Insulin, Open structures, OpenChain, OpenPnP , Precious Plastic, Real Vegan Cheese, RepRap, The MediLedger Network, toowheels, Valueflows, Plastiskul

Other discussions

Jack from Plenty4All. How peer production can be organized through shared values, culture and win-win relations.


If you want to contribute join the conversation on Discord, the #iopa channel, open a doc below and follow the stigmergy signs, find the ToDo icon. To see and log contributions open NRP-CAS page.

In essence, this is a two stage scoping work (we are at stage 2)

The next step for IoPA is to plan for collaboratively producing standards that have a positive impact on dependability of peer production networks. New funding is needed to pursue the work. 

For 2. uncover everyone's interest and generate tangible and intangible incentives for collaboration. Weave a network where everyone sees benefits, and where everyone can relate to everyone else. That is not a centralized network with IoP at the center, but a network dense in relations. So we would need to find and surface complementarities and synergies between participants, a multi-values system, increase the stickiness of the network.

We will contact the organizations below (sorted in different categories) and invite them to a 2 to 3 hours workshop where we will dive deeper into their practices, methods and tools that they use or develop, for increasing dependability in peer production. The discussion will be recorded and synthesized. A video and a report will be published for every workshop.

Economic level

Ecosystem level

Social level

Tech level

Legal level

Standard level


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