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Budget and burning

Spent + Remaining >= Budget, because of unpaid tasks.

Empathetic Access: $ 0 CAD available - see NRP-CAS page, more on the OVN wiki.

Regardless of what you are working on, if you need some cash you can get it, if there's any available. You must have more than 20h logged in the NRP., see if you are eligible in the Contributors section below, find your name in the table and look in the Empathic Access column. To make an access see what's available and who's offering on the NRP (link above) and arrange with these individuals. The transaction must be recorded in the Benefit Redistribution Spreadsheet /Transactions.
Also accessible by TaoDAO affiliates that energize the bridge with Sensorica.

This is a sponsored Venture, i.e. someone pays us money to do something specific. Part of the Budget is split among Processes, which are units of Planning or Work Packages (see adjacent list). Agents chose Roles (or Work), they respond to To Do instructions in working docs (see Processes list) and log their Work in the NRP against the existing Planning,. Note that a log is only a claim for Contribution.

  1. Work done must be recorded in the NRP against Processes associated with the venture.

  2. The work done must represent an addition to the venture that increases the probability of success.

    • follow the planning

    • employ the methodology proposed for the venture.

    • log often

    • document well your logs (provide links, explain).

  3. Logs are subject to red flags. If not red flagged and conditions 1 and 2 above are met, they become Contributions.

Processes and Roles are defined by planners, which are Active Affiliates (see below).

Contributors are rewarded financially based on the ratio $/hour, per Role (table on the left).
Processes and Roles cannot be monopolized by any Contributor, they are collaborative.
If the total burning in a Process surpasses the budget allocated for that same Process, Contributors share the total budget in proportion to everyone's Contribution. We call that a
Relative distribution. If the total burning is lower than the total budget everyone gets paid at the $/hour rate, based on the time logged per role. We call that an Absolute distribution.


Is the number of participants according to their type of participation above the critical mass to sustain the project? If not, engage in Capacity Building.


Are individuals directly involved in innovation and production, all the operations of the open venture. In Sensorica language, they are called Affiliates.

An Active Affiliate is an actor (individual or organization) that has logged contributions in the NRP. A Core Active Affiliate has logged more than 10% of total Contributions (in hours, made by all contributors), and the last Contribution has been logged within the past week. An Inactive Affiliate has not logged a contribution within the past week, and has already been an Active Affiliate. Core Affiliates have access to project Governance.

Contributors per role

Contributors per task


Individuals or organizations that have signed in to use the device when ready.


Individuals or organizations that have signed in to disseminate the device and the practice when ready. See Dissemination doc

Academic partners