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An OVN is a participatory organization. The digital environment, where collaboration takes place, is composed of a set of tools assembled over time by affiliates, based on experience, in context. As an affiliate, consider this environment as yours, which should come with a mix sense of ownership and responsibility.  If things are not the way you like, you can propose and even make improvements. Consider that this is a shared environment, so any change affects everyone else. You'll need to compromise between what you think is best for you and what is best for others. In other words, modifications to the shared digital environment must represent a consensus. You need to consult before you do anything, and if you implement changes you need to do that transparently (let others know of your intentions first and document your activities) and openly (let others get involved).

Also understand that things are the way they are for a reason. Always ask those who came here before you if your improvement idea makes sense, and consider their input very seriously before taking any action.  

Table of contents


The Sensorica digital environment is composed of a number of online services, stitched together to provide an experience that is conducive to collaborative work. In this section we take you on a tour to understand this digital landscape where you'll be operating. See the official list of all the digital spaces used by Sensorica.

High-level overview

This website is the main digital space. Every time you want to do something you come here. If you're part of a venture, navigate to the venture's page. All major initiatives MUST have a webpage on this website (their own subspace). Think of the website as you digital office. 

On the website, you can find communities, ventures, events, products, ... The website environment provides different navigation paths based on the type of visitor.  

During our activities, we use and produce various digital resources: documents, videos, pictures, design files, code, etc. These shared assets are stored in different repositories, which are online services such as Google Drive, Google Photos, YouTube, Github, 3D warehouse, etc. Every sub-space on this website that contains a major initiative (a project for example), contains a window into all the repositories that are used to store shared digital assets. 

To conduct our activities, we use other type of tools to coordinate, communicate, plan, capture contributions and perform transactions, store content, perform mining and analysis, etc.  For example, we use Google Calendar, Discord, NRP-CAS, an Ethereum wallet, etc. Every space on the website that contains a major initiative (a project for example), links to the tools that are used.

An OVN is an open organization, which means that its borders are flue, its activities and its influence extend through various social media channels. This outer layer of communication and engagement is represented by our shared accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Steemit, etc.

Fundamental principles

The digital environment of an OVN should remain transparent (provide access to information) and open (provide access to participation) to a very high degree.

The digital environment must allow a high degree of horizontal and vertical visibility and mobility, to provide the conditions for synergistic relations to emerge. It must stimulate collaboration and enhance social intelligence. It must also allow agents to harvest and store various digital artifacts that result from the collaborative activity, to leave behind traces of their actions and to guide the action of other agents. The environment must be stigmergic

List of tools

NOTE: all these digital assets are to the disposal of the entire community. They are stewarded by a custodian. If you need to use one of the following assets find out who's the custodian as ask for access.

Content repositories


Mapping and analysis




Important tasks for OVNi

Next generation NRP based on p2p technology. 

Open to edit (only affiliates)

Creating online accounts (Facebook, Twitter of others)

Any affiliate can create accounts to online services for the network, like Facebook accounts, groups or pages. 

IMPORTANT: The use of the name Sensorica is highly regulated. The creator of an online account that contains Sensorica in the name must take formal responsibility, i.e. become the Custodian of this new shared resource, and sign a Virtual Resource Custodian agreement. Procedure: make a copy of the agreement, complete and sign it, send it to all affiliates via the main mailing list with explanations about your motive for creating this online resource, and send a signed copy to the OVN's Custodian (to ACES/CAKE, or one of its administrators). 

Create a new project

Open Project help page.

Backup important websites and folders

Backup websites use HTTrack, an open source program for Linux, Mac and Windows. Store it in your personal files. Backup our docs: just the folder you want, by right-clicking on it.

Add new activity cluster

Activity cluster is a feature of the old website, which hast not been transposed to the new site, but which is very interesting and we strongly command that it is implemented into the next gen infrastructure. In essence, an activity cluster is an aggregate of similar activities, for example an aggregate of activities or tasks doe electronics design, mechanical design, software design, etc. Activity clusters can be used by people to navigate the network's activity by interest, instead of navigating the network by project or by community.   

Website improvements

As an affiliate of this OVN, you should have the ability to improve this website. If you don't have edit access, ask Tibi, or send an email to the Sensorica main mailing list. If you are not an affiliate, join here or engage the community on the open forum

Use the content below to learn how to edit this website and create new content that teaches others about how to do new tricks.

NOTE: we use this document to capture ideas about a p2p website, part of the OVNi 3.0 initiative.

Next Gen NRP

You want to learn about and perhaps get involved in the development of the OVN model and its IT infrastructure

Close partners


Connect various tools that form our digital environment. 

Website integration with other google services (drive, docs, sheets, etc.) is done pretty easily to the website builder interface. As an active affiliate  you can ask permission to edit the website.
Discord Integrations - use and Discord's own tools (bots and webhooks).
General purpose integration - use IFTTT

Content transfer

Transfer from the old website.