Carbon Sequestration

November 16th to 23rd

Part of Collabathon COMMUNITY EVENTS

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Today (Monday Nov. 16) from 9am to 11am EST


This event is part of Community Events (Open Climate Collabathon 2020) See Community Events wiki page.
The event is in continuation of the Carbon Sequestration Prompt in 2019.

Link between Sensorica and the Open Climate Collabathon

Sensorica is a Node for the Collabathon, hosting local events in Montreal, Canada, at the Sensorica lab. See more on the coordination page between Sensorica and the Collabathon.

Goals of this event

NOTE: This is in continuation of the Collabathon Nov. 2019 event.


  • Build shared understanding. Look at the document together, discuss them.

  • Co-editing - the rest of the week.


Potential collaborators

  • Jack - Plenty for all, helping African projects

  • Bruce Merlo - environmental activist, interor horticulture, agriculture

  • Tiberius Brastaviceanu -