4th Sector



Fourth Sector is a space for experimentation with new organisational and economic models.

People organize in open networks, using the Internet to communicate and coordinate actions on the ground. These networks are organic, dynamic, versatile. They don’t need a head office or a legal entity to represent them. They are not Coops, Nonprofits, or Inc-s, they are creatures of the Fourth Sector.

Open networks are new channels for latent social potential, but face insurmountable institutional barriers. These new types of organisations have real impact but their structure and governance are not recognized by our institutions, as if they didn’t exist.

The Fourth Sector Rationale, a document produced by Sensorica.

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If you are an affiliate you should have access to create ventures and contribute to existing ventures. Anyone has view access.

Past Events

  • 4th Sector - Discussions with Canada's Justice Minister.

  • Eco2Fest 2018 - Connecting politicians, local communities with actors from the 4th sector.