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Build an automated and connected Green Wall.


The Green Wall project was created at the time Sensorica was working with CDEC Rosemont on Project VIE. The plan was to install green walls in the space that was supposed to host the Sensorica Montreal lab/community. 

These green walls were imagined to serve the purpose of mobile physical space separators, food supply and green laboratory for indoor microfarming. Project VIE failed, and soon after the LED Green Wall project lost momentum. 

In parallel, other Sensorica projects related to food growing were developed and lumped under the GreenSense branding. Meanwhile, John, a sensorican from Australia, continued a relentless work of integrating open source hardware and developed software for automated and connected urban agriculture, see documentation here

The goal of the project is to perfect sensing and automation systems for indoors microfarming. Some of this technology will be applied to large scale greenhouse operations. 


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