Piezo micro pump

Venture Category: Scientific Instruments

Community: Sensorica

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Design and create a Piezo buzzer based fluid pump. This is a small volume pump able to push small precise quantities of fluid. Applications are in biology, chemistry, etc.

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This venture uses the Manipulators venture for the piezo driver.


  • Pump small quantities of fluid with high precision

  • Physiology, biology, chemistry, microgardins, etc.

Short-term goals

  • Create model (mechanics and electronics)

  • Create prototype

  • Testing and characterization

  • Distribute

Long-term goals

  • Integrate with other scientific instruments

  • Milestones

  • Prototyping and characterization

  • Outreach


Communication and coordination

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Coordination tools


Status: Prototyping - dormant


  • Animator

  • Electronics

  • Mechanics


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This project is dormant. Feel free to build on it!

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