Legit Registry

This page lists all activities and things that are sanctioned by the network.

If you observe misuse of our brand (cases of impersonation) or activities that are not endorsed by our network, please report it immediately.

Funding campaigns

fund projects

Conventional funding initiatives

Funding initiatives under way

Past funding campaigns

Crowdfunding initiatives

Crowdfunding initiatives under way

Active crowdfunding campaigns

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Past crowdfunding campaigns


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Commercial activities

start a commercial venture


The official page for goods and services that can be sold under the Sensorica brand name are available HERE.

Events and Presentations

organize an event

For a list of events and presentations, see the Events page. (see use of the brand in a presentation).

Online service accounts

All accounts used by the network are listed here Digital Environment document.

IMPORTANT note for affiliates: If you open a new account for this OVN, you need to sign the Virtual Infrastructure Account Agreement. See also Rules about the use of brand.


network resource planning and contributions accounting

A repository of registered contributions that matter in formal processes. Also a tool for planning work.


Sensorica security system


At this point, the official Sensorica logo is the one that appears on the home page of this website.

Do not delete the following images. They are used in various web applications.

official Sensorica logo

official CAKE logo