Decanter Centrifuge

Venture Category: Food and Agriculture

Community:  Sensorica

This venture is a spinoff from Greens for Good.


Design and prototype a table top, open source and DIY decanter centrifuge. This equipment can be used to clarify beverages or to separate protein from coagulated leaf juice (see Greens for Good). 



The first deliverable will be a small scale 3D printed proof of concept Decanter Centrifuge that will be used at the Sensorica lab to perform preliminary experiments on solid liquid separation. Deliverables will be presented as source code (CAD in native format and STL), full BOM (component, number, cost, and source), build instructions with pictures, operation/maintenance instructions, video of operation and prototype.


The Open Source Decanter Centrifuge must be developed using open source tools (e.g. OS CAD-like FreeCAD or OpenSCAD) and be digitally replicable (e.g. make the pulleys 3D printed primarily from a RepRap-class fused filament 3D printer) and only common cheap off-the-shelf components (e.g. cheap reliable electric motor). The Open Source Decanter Centrifuge can also be designed to fit as a module into the Greens for Good extruder, to process leaf juice, separating the coagulated curd from the remaining liquid.


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The development of the Decanter Centrifuge has been financially rewarded from the Greens for Good's venture budget. Currently, there is no funding for the Decanter Centrifuge this venture. If you like this project, you can get involved, contribute to technical development or to find more resources for this venture. See more about Collaborative Entrepreneurship.   


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